Pro; this line really DOES work, in fact it IMPROVED my skin clarity over time!

Con; I have NO complaints about these products!

When I first tried Victoria Principals “Reclaim” line, I had no expectations, really. The set was a gift from a friend and I thought “oh, why not?” I used the cleanser, anti-aging face cream, and the eye cream over a period of a couple of weeks. Not only did I notice a VISIBLE difference in the overall quality of my facial skin, but I noticed blemishes and acne vanishing!

I’ve had irritating problems with acne breakouts most of my adult life, and attribute it to a high sensitivity to different products, as well as stress and rollercoaster hormone cycles. My breakouts seemed to be an average of every freakin’ week before I began the “Reclaim” regime. After a week or so of using the line every day/night, I noticed my breakouts had ceased, which I absolutely HAD NOT been expecting! The line, as far as I know, does not make any claims at stopping acne breakouts. This line only promises help  with fine lines and wrinkles/skin elasticity. So I was surprised to find that it also cleared up my skin, and I looked radiant! My skin actually was glowing, I even have pictures from that time, where my skin looked like peaches and cream and I was wearing hardly any make up. During that time, I got numerous compliments from friends, as well, on how great my skin looked. Something I am NOT used to hearing!

On top of the acne clarity, I noticed my blemishes and uneven skin tone was clearing up as well, and my skin looked near perfect, the best it had looked in years! Alas, I ran out of the stuff and I got lazy (as I tend to do on a very regular basis) over time, I continued using whatever skin care I had on hand, and said I’d get more of the “Reclaim” just ASAP.. That was a long time ago, and even now as I talk about it, I regret not buying a whole crate of the stuff to use over time because shortly after I stopped using it, my skin breakouts came back and the blemishes also darkened once again. Needless to say, my skin hasn’t looked THAT good since! : (

My advice? If you have acne prone skin, this MAY or MAY NOT work for you. I cannot promise it will help EVERYONE with acne, I can only share that it seemed to help *me* with mine. The line does list it’s skin cream as a non irritant, and I suppose that helped in my situation. It most certainly improved my skin clarity and elasticity as well. I was VERY, VERY impressed with the “Reclaim” products, and would reccommend it to anyone who’s looking for a GOOD skin care line for fine lines and wrinkles/skin clarity. It feels great going on, has a light, fresh scent and doesn’t feel ‘heavy’ on the face. The fact that it is considered a “non irritating formula” is also GREAT for anyone who has sensitive skin and a high intolerance/risk of breakouts with many other skin creams.

.. I really DO need to get more of this line, and QUICK!!!

1-10 rating (1 bad, 10 outstanding) Packaging; N/A, Product Performance; 10++++